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Icon building tlachtli.png
Base Cost Icon main production.png 135 Production
Era Classical Era
Maintenance 1 Icon main gold.png Gold
Provides +1 Icon Amenities.png Amenity from entertainment
+2 Icon Faith.png Faith
+1 Icon unitoperation general action.png Great General Points.
Technology Icon civic games recreation.png Games And Recreation

The Tlachtli is one of the Unique Buildings from Aztec in Civilization VI.

Description[edit | edit source]

When Aztecs weren't waging war, capturing prisoners and sacrificing them to the gods, they often enjoyed a bit of sport. The Tlachtli, a ball court shaped like a capital I, was home to many games, including one particular game similar to basketball in which the goal is to place a ball through the opposition’s stone hoop; however, in the Aztec version, you can’t use your hands.

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