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Icon leader trajan
Civilization Rome
Bonus Trajan's Column
Agenda Optimus Princeps
Ability All Roads Lead to Rome
Unit Legion
Building Bath
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Trajan is the leader for Rome in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

As the 13th Emperor of Rome, Trajan was as successful a soldier as he was an overseer, responsible for a great expansion of territories for Rome unmatched by any Emperor to follow.

Born around the year AD 52, Marcus Ulpius Traianus held military renown and served as the governor of Upper Germany before being named Emperor in October 97 CE.

Trajan yielded military prowess in wars with Dacia, who had threatened Rome's economy for many years. Rome defeated Dacia in 101, and again in 105 with the razing of the Dacian capital. In 113 Trajan invaded Parthia after years of uneasy conflict, ultimately annexing Armenia and capturing the Parthian capital, Ctesiphon.

Trajan's incredible military skill was matched by the love his people garnered for him. He cared for the people by creating a welfare program for orphans and impoverished children. Trajan oversaw the creation of several enduring monuments and roads, including the aptly named Trajan's Column and the Forum of Trajan. He also hosted a gladiatorial festival with spectators ranging in the millions.

Intro[ | ]

Cast your net wide, oh Trajan, emperor of mighty Rome. Your legions stand at the ready to march out and establish the largest empire the world has ever seen. If you can truly get all roads to lead to Rome, yours will be an empire of greatest riches and luxuries. Surely then our citizens will proclaim you as their best ruler, the Optimus Princeps.

Leader bonus[ | ]

Trajan's Column - All cities start with an additional City Center building. (Starts with a Monument building in the Ancient Era).

Leader agenda[ | ]

Optimus Princeps - Tries to include as much territory as possible to his empire. Does not like Civilizations who control little territory.

Civilized - Hates barbarians. Likes Civilizations that clear out barbarians outposts. Does not like Civilizations that ignores barbarian outposts.

Quotes[ | ]

"Simile Iovis caelesti regno imperium tui late patet. Optime.": Translation= The reach of your empire is as Jupiter's over the heavens. Well done- Optimus Princeps- Agreed

"Insolentia ad mortem te ducet. A nulla vi Roma vinci potest": Translation= Your insolence will lead you to death. Rome is able to be defeated by no force.- Declares war as Defender

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