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Tribal Village

The Tribal Villages are the updated goody huts and one of the Game Concepts in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

Keep a look out for Icon notification discover goody hut Tribal Villages, as are less civilized than other civilizations, but are friendly nonetheless. Visiting Tribal Villages provide a random benefit to the Civilization when the Unit first enters their Tile. The village disappears after its gifts have been claimed.

Village Benefits[ | ]

  • Icon citizen Survivors
The village provides you with a Builder or Trader in your nearest city, or increases the Population of your nearest city.
The village provides your Civilization with a free Technology (for example, Bronze Working or Masonry usually limited in earlier Eras), a Technology Eureka! boost (50% of the needed research towards a technology), or even multiple Technology Eureka! boosts.
  • Military
If discovered by a wounded military Unit, your unit receives a health bonus. This village may also provide a free Scout or XP to the discovering unit.
Depending on your Era, the village provides a small, medium, or large amount of Icon Faith Faith.
  • Treasure
The village provides Icon main gold Gold to your civilization!
The village provides a free Icon Relic Relic, or one or two free Civics Inspiration! boosts (50% of the needed culture towards a civic).

Tribal Village Bonus Table[ | ]

Tribal Village Bonuses
Bonus Type Minimum Turn Chance Requires Settled City?
1 Relic Culture 0 2.5% Yes
2 Civic Boosts Culture 30 5% No
1 Civic Boost Culture 0 2.5% No
120 Gold Gold 40 2.5% Yes
75 Gold Gold 20 5.0% Yes
40 Gold Gold 0 9.2% Yes
100 Faith Faith 60 2.5% Yes
60 Faith Faith 40 5.0% Yes
20 Faith Faith 20 9.2% Yes
Scout Military 0 6.7% Yes
Free Upgrade Military 0 0.0% No
20 XP Military 0 5.0% No
100 HP Military 0 5.0% No
1 Free Tech Science 50 2.5% Yes
2 Tech Boosts Science 30 5.0% Yes
1 Tech Boost Science 0 9.2% Yes
+1 Pop Survivor 0 6.7% Yes
Builder Survivor 0 5.8% Yes
Trader Survivor 0 4.2% Yes
Settler Survivor 0 0.0% Yes

Note: 0% Chance bonuses are listed as they appear in game files, despite not being obtainable in-game

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