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Viking Longship
Icon unit norwegian longship
Viking Longship
Type Naval Combat
Movement Icon moves 3
Melee Strength Melee Strength 30
Promotion Class Naval Melee
Production Cost 65 Icon main production
Purchase Cost 65 Icon main gold
Technology Sailing
Maintenance Cost 1 Icon main gold
Replaces Galley
Upgrades To Caravel
Norwegian unique Ancient Era naval unit that replaces the Galley. Can pillage enemy costal lands and capture civilians if adjacent using its coastal raiding ability. 4 Icon map pin movement Movement while in Coastal waters.
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The Viking Longship is a naval combat melee unique unit in Civilization VI. This unit is unique to Harald Hardrada.

Description[ | ]

Invented by Norsemen during the Viking Age, the Longship was used for commerce, trade, exploration and even war. Longships were categorized as speedy wooden vessels able to traverse waters only a meter in depth, and permitted Viking raiding parties to land on just about any beach. Its light weight allowed it to be easily carried over land, and the Longship’s symmetrical design meant its crew could reverse direction on water without conducting a full turn-around.

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