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War weariness is a war mechanic in Civilization VI which reduces Icon Amenities Amenities when you are actively engaged in combat with another nations units or cities. Due to war weariness lowering Icon Amenities Amenities, it will eventually cause cities to lose growth and productivity unless properly managed. This can also cause rebels to appear near cities with the lowest Icon Amenities Amenities who will attack your units and pillage your tile improvements.

Modifiers[ | ]

As part of the mechanic there are modifiers to all actions which cause war weariness. Depending on the modifier this can either increase or decrease the amount of weariness received when performing an action which would cause weariness to accumulate. These are based upon:

  • Where the fighting is taking place. You will gain less war weariness when fighting battles in your own territory as opposed to fighting in neutral lands or enemy territory.
  • The type of war you fight. Fighting a war through a Casus Belli or a Holy War will cause you to gain weariness slower than declaring a Surprise War.
  • Fighting against India when their leader is Gandhi. His unique leader bonus Satyagraha causes aggressors to receive double the war weariness they would usually gain for all actions against India.
  • The Great Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa. Retiring him will cause you to gain 25% less war weariness than you would usually gain for all actions.

Increasing weariness[ | ]

There are many actions that will increase war weariness. These actions will also increase it in varying amounts depending on the severity of the action and also the modifiers as listed above. These are:

  • Engaging another unit or city in combat. This is a basic increase to war weariness. It is applied regardless of whether you were the attacker or defender.
  • Losing a unit in combat. You will gain more war weariness for losing a unit in combat than simply attacking or defending. This gain is applied for losing civilian units such as a Builder or Settler as well as combat units such as a Warrior and Archer.
  • Firing a nuclear weapon or being the target of one will cause war weariness. Firing it will cause more than being the recipient and carries the most severe penalty in the game. Firing one on yourself, therefore being the aggressor and target, will cause you to gain weariness for being both.
  • Having your tile improvements pillaged.

Reducing or stagnating weariness[ | ]

There are various ways to reduce or stagnate war weariness as part of the mechanic. This is an integral part of dealing with war while keeping your civilization growing and productive:

  • Capturing a city does not increase war weariness, regardless of whether you raze or keep the city. Consequences of these actions are instead dealt through diplomatic means such as warmonger penalties.
  • It does not accumulate when your units or cities are not engaged in combat that turn even when you are at war. During this period weariness is reduced. Maintaining a balance between being aggressive and passive is essential to managing war.
  • Being at peace will drastically reduce weariness. By some secret amount. We won't tell you how much, or what affects it. It's probably random.