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Civilization Netherlands
Civ First Look

Wilhelmina is the leader for Netherlands in Civilization VI 's Rise and Fall DLC.



Leader bonus

Radio Orange: Trade routes to Netherlands cities provide +1 loyalty/turn for the starting city. Foreign trade routes to and from your city provide +1 culture to you. Grote Rivieren: Major adjacency bonuses for Industrial zones, campuses, and Theater Square zones next to a river. Adjacent tiles get Culture Bombed when completing the Harbor. +50% production toward the Dam district & flood barrier. DeZeven Provincien: Unique renaissance era unit. Replaces the frigate. +7 combat strength when attacking defensible districts. Polder: Unique building. +1 food, +1 production, and +0.5 housing. +1 food if adjacent to a Polder. Additional production, gold, and food as you advance through the civics/tech trees. Must be built on a coast or lake tile adjacent to3 or more passable land tiles. Increases movement cost to 3.

Leader agenda




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