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Eagle Warrior Promotion

XP is one of the Game Concepts in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

See also: Promotions page for a full list of all promotions.

A unit that survives combat will gain "experience points" (XP). Once the unit has acquired enough XP, you may expend them to acquire a Promotions for that unit. There are a large variety of promotions in Civilization VI and each gives a Unit special advantages in battle.

  • In Combat: A unit gains XP for every round of combat he survives. The unit doesn’t have to win the combat or destroy the enemy to get the experience; it accrues each round that the unit lives through. Generally, units receive XP for being involved in combat with another military unit, and will similarly receive XP for being involved in combat versus a city.
Barbarian Limitations: Once a unit has reached a certain XP level, it no longer gets any additional XP for fighting versus Barbarians.
  • Through Construction: A unit constructed in an Encampment district containing a Barracks (for regular units), Stables (for cavalry units), or other military Buildings will begin with extra XP as soon as construction of the unit is completed. The bonus depends upon the buildings constructed (Barracks, Stables, and Armories all provide their own bonuses). Also, certain Governments, Policies, and other special effects may also provide XP to units. Recon Units receive XP from discovering Natural Wonders while exploring.
  • Promoting: When a unit has acquired enough XP to purchase a promotion, the "Promote Unit" button on the unit panel will be active (as long as the unit still has movement points left). If you click on that button, a list of the promotions available to the unit will display. Click on a promotion to choose it for that unit. The XP is expended and the unit acquires the promotion immediately. This takes up the rest of it's turn. After a unit is promoted twice, you will also be able to give it a custom name by clicking on the "Name Unit" button on the unit panel.
  • Promotions: There are dozens of promotions available in Civilization VI. Each class of Unit (melee, cavalry, ranged, etc.), has their own promotion tree dedicated to them. Some promotions require that a unit have acquired other promotions before they become available. If a promotion is available to a unit, it will be listed when you click on the "Promote Unit" button.